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Dating problems

“I am a highly successful professional, since moving to New York, I have dated several girls without having much success. Girls did not want to continue to date me beyond the first or second meeting is that I had a negative internal belief about my capabilities as a husband. I would go into a date immediately thinking that I had nothing to offer, despite all my good qualities. Through different NLP exercises Alex guided me back to the original experience which caused me to internalize this belief, and then resolve it. Now I am confident about my marriage prospects.”


Happily married K., California

Anxiety attacks


A number of years ago I was plagued by near constant anxiety attacks. It was to a point where I could not hold down a job nor functionally attend college. My hands constantly trembled, I would wake up sweating and crying. The degree of anxiety was a true handicap.


After only three sessions within one short week my anxiety attacks dropped by nearly half.


Within a year that number dropped, by continuing the techniques Mr. Zion taught, my quality of life has fundamentally changed for the better. This statement is as sincere as it is profound.


Had it not been for Mr. Zion my anxiety attacks, had they continued at the levels they were, would no doubt have caused me to have a heart attack or seriously consider suicide.


Should there be any singular person who deserves praise on both a professional and personal level it is this man. I owe him my life, he can change yours.

Yaakov, Upstate, NY

High level of anxiety


I was undergoing an emotional struggle and experienced a high level of anxiety that seriously affected my learning. I met Alex and with his unique expertise, he was able to zero in on the problem, and in a few sessions he provided me with simple method to break through and overcome my condition.

Rabbi Z.  Monsey, NY 



I felt stuck

“The work that Alex does is unbelievably effective! In only two sessions, there was a major shift in my life as a direct result of the work that I did with Alex. I felt stuck in a certain area, and it was causing anguish both to me and my family. Seemingly effortlessly, Alex guided me through the process and I experienced very immediate  results. Professional, humble, and knowledgeable, Alex pinpointed exactly how to help me achieve my goals. Now, I see there are many other areas in which he could help me move forward -- areas which I previously thought were just the way things had to be.

I can't recommend Alex enough to anyone, regardless of his or her challenges. The work he does is simply better than anything else I know of for addressing specific personal stumbling blocks.”

M. Monsey, NY

Chronic late-coming

“Chronic late-coming used to be a big issue for me. I would frequently miss appointments, meetings, classes, because of this problem. It developed to the point where I couldn't arrive on time to any of my commitments. This caused a lot of anxiety and stress in my life, and I really wanted to stop, but just didn't know how. My Rosh Yeshiva introduced me to Alex, who spent several sessions with me working on this issue with me. At the end of my time with Alex, my problem basically disappeared- I was able to start coming on time with ease.”


N. New York, NY


Fear of Flying 

“I was very anxious about flying. Before any flight, especially the week preceding the flight, I used to experience the same thing:stomach aches, sleepless nights and general

body tightness. I would also have periods of bad moods. With my medical background I was quite skeptical about anything that is considered a “quick fix”. After three NLP sessions however, I can honestly say I no longer experience any of these symptoms. Soon after this I had to fly to Israel and did not experience even one of the symptoms mentioned above. It was really weird; in fact I had a very restful sleep on the plane. I would like to thank Alex for his help in this troublesome area of my life and I will be sure to visit him again for any other anxiety-based problems. The NLP method that Alex uses is helpful for building self-esteem, positive life attitudes and relieving anxiety.”


Michael, Australia


 Feeling overwhelmed

“While studying in Yeshiva, I had a problem of frequently falling asleep in class. This was embarrassing and I missed a lot of material. I also had a problem of feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of lifes responsibilities. I also felt that Yeshiva studies were making me tense. Alex offered to meet with me privately, to see if he could ease my pain. My sessions with Alex helped me a great deal. I felt more energetic, less sleepy and much more relaxed. Most of the pressure I was experiencing went away.


I. Suffern, NY


Simply petrified

“I had a very important appointment and was very scared to do or say something wrong as many things depended on the outcome of that meeting. As a result, I was very anxious and simply petrified to face the person I was going to meet; almost paralyzed to the point that I was not able to prepare properly. After one session with Alex I was able to get rid of my fears. I was able to sit down and go through all the paperwork and get ready for the appointment. When I went to the appointment, I was no longer scared of the person I was going to meet and was able to explain my position and opinions clearly, with confidence.”


S., New York, NY


Alex is a very kind and patient practitioner who helped me tremendously to adjust to my new job. When I started a new job in February 2019, I was overcome with anxiety. I was worried of failing at my new responsibilities and I felt uncomfortable around my new co-workers. I worried during the day and had trouble sleeping at night. This lead to headaches, fatigue and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. A friend recommend Alex and I immediately made an appointment. After just 2 sessions, I felt like a new person. Alex used a very effective technique to guide me back to my true self and helped to restore the confidence and self-trust that I somehow lost when I ended up in a new situation. Now, I am excited to go to work every day. I no longer spend my energy worrying but rather enjoying my work and my family.


M. Monsey, NY

                                                                       life changing


My name is Michoel and I had 3 sessions with Alex Zion and my life completely changed to the better. The relationship with my wife became better and I got a better job that I wanted right away. Alex Zion is a true Ben Torah and very dedicated to his clients. Thank you Alex for changing my life.

Michoel Brooklyn, NY

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