To Whom It May Concern,                                                


As a community figure who is  asked to help people with personal problems, I would like to bring an outstanding resource to your attention.


Alex Zion (Zaiontchkovski), originally from Moscow, and a former talmid of Ohr Somayach has the unusual ability and Sya’ata D’Shmaya to help people rapidly change and reduce or eliminate negative feelings and behaviors.  


He sees clients a few times only and is often highly effective. I sent him numerous clients and many have met with dramatic results. A few examples: One, who had a phobia for flying on an airplane. After a few sessions, he traveled by plane without fear. Another had an incapacitating obsession with being fired from his job. In two double sessions that obsession was eliminated.


Yet another was forced to leave university and couldn’t find a job because of severe anxiety. In two sessions his anxiety level was drastically reduced and his life changed.


Alex studied under great leaders and innovators in his field who strongly approve of his work. I can vouch for his Yiras Shomayim.

        I believe he can be an invaluable resource for many people in our community.

        He can be reached at (cell)  845-269-8788.


Kol Tuv.



Rabbi Avrohom Braun