Do you take insurance?

As of now, I am not taking insurance.


How many sessions will it take to get results?

I've never see anyone for more then 5 sessions for the same issue. Perhaps this is the reason why my clients are eager to refer their friends and relatives to me. I believe that whatever I can help clients with can usually be accomplished within a few sessions (see testimonials).


Can you help me even though I come from a very different background?

Yes. The techniques I use to help clients are effective regardless of the person's religious, ethnic, or cultural background. The most important factor which influences a client's success in treatment is their own motivation to get better. I simply help my clients identify their strengths and clear away the obstacles that prevent them from using their inner resources.

My relative has a problem. Can you help?

Please ask your relative to contact me directly about scheduling an appointment. He or she will benefit much more from treatment if their motivation for seeking help comes from an internal place, rather than from family pressure.


How can I get the most from my sessions?

The best way to get the most out of the session is to fill out the intake form here at least 24 hours before the appointment. Also, please be punctual and do not schedule any other activities too close to the end of the session. Please come well rested, well fed, and ready to work. Finally, please come wearing clothes in which you feel comfortable, you may need to lay down on the floor.